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Privacy Policy

1. Responsible for the treatment

DASTATZEN, S.L. (hereinafter, DASTATZEN) Troia Ibilbidea, 21. 20115 Astigarraga, Gipuzkoa.

Data of the Delegate of Data Protection:

2. What data do we deal with and for how long?

DASTATZEN will deal with

(i) the personal data provided during the registration, in general; identification, personal characteristics, and electronic contact, in particular;

(ii) The data authorized in case of registration through social media login;

(iii) data derived from the commercial relationship with DASTATZEN, that is, those derived from the use of the different Services;

(iv) where applicable, those that are facilitated in the purchase or contracting process, in general; those obtained by the use of the card (means of payment and / or loyalty), as well as the purchases associated with it and data to make / authorize the payment and invoice the products and services, in particular;

(v) the results of computer processes (browsing habits or use of the MEDIUM AND / OR DIGITAL ENVIRONMENT), IP address and information collected through cookies, pixel tags and other technologies;

(vi) those that DASTATZEN can infer from legally obtained data.

DASTATZEN will process and store the data while the user is active in the DIGITAL ENVIRONMENT AND / OR ENVIRONMENT and is a client, as well as during the limitation period of legal obligations, which could arise from possible liabilities related to the processing of customer data.

3. In what does the User consent when he provides his data?

DASTATZEN, owner of the medium and / or digital environment, will store in a file the necessary personal data, listed in the preceding section, in order to:

(i) Providing the service demanded by the user and offering the MEDIUM AND / OR DIGITAL ENVIRONMENT, its maintenance and improvement, based on studies, development of profiles, segmentation of your data and / or crossings with other files that are the responsibility of DASTATZEN.

(ii) Offer promotions linked to the condition of Client, through electronic means of communication or not, referring to products or services in the sector where it operates (loyalty, food, home, textiles, insurance, loans, opticians, real estate , telecommunications, technology, informatics, fuels, consumption, sports, leisure, free time, tourism, aesthetics, perfumery and means of payment) The user can oppose the processing of their data for promotional purposes and the receipt of this type of shipments, in the registration process or at a later time, following the procedure for the exercise of rights described in section 4.

(iii) Facilitate the registration process in the MEDIUM AND / OR DIGITAL ENVIRONMENT, through different channels. DASTATZEN, to carry out the registration may develop a process that allows to take advantage of the existing data of the User in other DASTATZEN files and that are useful for the discharge; in that case, the User will be duly informed, in order to obtain their consent.

4. Is the data communicated to third parties?

a. Public Administration, Courts and Courts

If the governmental authorities, such as the state security bodies, Judges and / or Courts, request or require information or if it is necessary to present it in order to comply with any Law, DASTATZEN will communicate to said third parties the data that they formally request.

5. How can the customer exercise their rights of revocation, access, deletion, opposition, rectification, limitation, portability?

All clients may exercise the rights of access, rectification, deletion, revoke their consent, oppose their treatment, limit the same and / or request the portability of their data, through; contacting the Customer Service Department (943 69 33 22) or in writing to the DPO Team of DASTATZEN Troia Ibilbidea, 21. 20115 Astigarraga, Gipuzkoa.

6. Security measures and confidentiality of information.

DASTATZEN has adopted the appropriate security measures in its facilities, systems and files. It has established all the technical means at its disposal to avoid the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access and theft of the data that the client provides, thus ensuring its integrity, availability and confidentiality.

7. Cookies Policy

DASTATZEN uses cookies. All information on this in the Cookies Policy.

8. Changes to the Privacy Policy

DASTATZEN scrupulously complies with the laws applicable to the protection of data and the privacy of users. To do this, it reserves the right to unilaterally modify, at any time and without prior notice, the conditions of this Data Protection Policy to adapt it to any regulatory change or any modification in the presentation and configuration of the Portal.