We are located in the place where the Basque meat culture was born

Generations of tradition

The history of what we know today as Dastatzen goes back over four generations. First, José Antonio Gorostiaga began working as a butcher, and then his son Victoriano followed in his father’s footsteps. The latter, who in addition to being a butcher was also a cattle dealer from an early age, took over the running of the butcher’s in Alegia that had belonged to his father. In the next generation of the family, it was Ignacio Gorostiaga who carried on the business with his sisters, to then give way to the following generation, with Jon Gorostiaga, who had worked in the trade since his childhood.

Taking inspiration from the strong meat-producing tradition in the town of Tolosa, built around the famous restaurants in the area specialising in roasted meats, at the age of eighteen Jon opened his own butcher’s in Tolosa together with his siblings.

Later, as a result of the success of these ventures, he decided to respond to the growing demand for meat from the Basque catering sector by establishing his own installations in Asteasu in order to offer the very best meat to the butchers and restaurants. Some years later, in 2017, the story of Dastatzen culminated in the opening of the benchmark centre for Meat Culture in the heart of Basque gastronomy, Astigarraga.

We control quality throughout the Value Chain, from start to finish, with a team made up of specific experts for each of our product lines and market segments.

Victoriano Gorostiaga


Our primary specialisation in beef has made us experts in the selection of the best meat, and having the best beef suppliers in Europe gives us access to the best breeds in the world.

On top of this, we mature the meat in the best maturation centre in the Basque Country, adapting it to produce the qualities favoured by the local gastronomy.

The family’s experience, care and respect for local tradition form the basis of this process.

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From our beginnings we have worked hand in hand with the best national breeders to select the calves that are best suited to the demands of our customers.

We therefore monitor the animals throughout their rearing to ensure the correct diet and select the best breeds and genetic characteristics. In this way we guarantee the consistency of the quality. This monitoring process ends with the delivery to our customers immediately after the butchering of the animal, to ensure that the tenderness of the meat is always optimal and consistent.

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Dastatzen is a collaborating company and official meat supplier of the Basque Culinary Center, an academic institution that is an international pioneer in the world of gastronomy and food.

Basque Culinary Center